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West Coast Park - Quiet Getaway in the West

West Coast Park grand lawnWest Coast Park West Coast ParkWest Coast Park water frontWest Coast Park dog run parkWest Coast Park play areaWest Coast Park vegetationWest Coast Park bbq pit

West Coast Park begins from Sungei Pandan Kechil to the Wholesale Centre. It is divided into three areas – 1 to 3. Camping is permitted in area 3. Attractions at West Coast Park include:

Area 1 – a park that allows family pets.

Area 2 – where the fitness park and BBQ pits are located.

Area 3 – the heart of the park with all the main attractions.

There is a huge adventure play area, a grand lawn for activities such as kite flying and football, a sand bed to build sand castles and a beach volley ball court. There is also a McDonald's and McCafe which is a great place to grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Take a walk along the coast line, enjoy the breeze and the view of the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club’s wide display of yachts. Explore the one-hectare boardwalk marsh garden and get to know the wide range of habitats within the park, or relax at the chess garden with foot reflexology facilities.  

West Coast Park is away from the bustle of busy Singapore. Enjoy camping at West Coast Park now!  

West Coast Park Area 3

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