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Benefits of Camping

Camping in Singapore is not only fun, there are a huge range of advantages.

Affordable and Cheerful

If you are looking to take a break from work with a small budget, camping is an affordable and cheerful staycation.It is an ideal way to kick back, relax and be at one with nature, with a focus on the simple things in life such as reading, cycling, swimming, and fishing.

Happy and Healthy

Camping means a break from your sedentary lifestyle, to get physically active. Physical activities are known to boost serotonin levels, leaving you feeling happy and well. Taking in the fresh air and sunshine also boosts vitamin D levels, leaving you refreshed and recharged.    


BBQ, Barbeque Cycling, Bicycle

An Outdoor Playground for Children

Children of the current generation are used to a lifestyle heavy on technology and an indoor environment. Camping is a great way to introduce children to the great outdoors and to learn what nature has to offer, with family activities that also double up as bonding time.

Kids outdoor playing

We Do All The Work for You

At Camp Kaki, we are your one-stop solution to your camping needs. If you do not own the equipment, rent a tent from us. We will do the packing, transporting, pitching, and cleaning of the tents for you. Our tents are unique, clean and of high quality. They are specially imported from overseas.  

Camp Kaki camping tent