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Camp Kaki


Camp Kaki, Camp Away

We live in the small city state of Singapore and our country is blessed with tropical weather all year round, we love outdoor activities.

We love hiking,camping, biking, flying kites and a good barbeque. We love to do outdoors activities. We love to take a hike, go camping, ride a bike, fly a kite and enjoy barbeque among others.

This leads to the birth of Camp Kaki.

Camp Kaki’s Story

“Kaki” in Singlish is a hybrid of two words, meaning "limbs" in Malay and "mine" in Hokkien. The word in Singapore has evolved over timeto mean "my limbs" –a colloquial term for someone who is your close companion or your buddy.

Camp Kaki's is your companion for tent rental and all your camping needs in Singapore.

Camp Kaki's Origin

Camp Kaki promises a hassle-free camping experience for you.

If you are a first-time camper, all you need are your toiletries and personal items. Camp Kaki will take care of everything else. Camp Kaki will deliver the tent and pitch it for you. We will provide all the necessary camping equipment and tailor camp activities to your preferences.

After all that camp fun, we will strike and clean the tent for you, after your departure. All you have to do is enjoy your camping experience!

Camp Kaki's Commitment

We hope to see you soon! Camp away!


What Our Customers Say

“It is something different to do in Singapore. The trip was hassle free, recommended to try!” - Amanda Chua

“The camping trip was well coordinated, the equipment were clean and new, we had an enjoyable time!”

- Jocelyn Ang