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High quality tent equipment

High Quality Equipment

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For Families to

Reconnect with each other

Unplug from technology

Develop outdoor skills for children

Create memories with your loved ones

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Experience something different in Singapore

Enjoy the outdoor sceneries of Singapore

Have fun camping without having to prepare anything

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For Everybody to

Explore nature

Refresh and rejuvenate

Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors

Increase physical activities and boost vitamin D levels

And more

Camping in Singapore

Looking for something fun to do in the great outdoors of Singapore? Why not go camping in Singapore! Take a look at the many benefits that camping has to offer. Camp Kaki is here to offer a great experience of camping, and a completely hassle-free one at that! We are the one-stop provider for camping tent rental services in Singapore. On top, we offer the full suite of services so that you can simply turn up and experience the joys of camping without having to worry about the setting up and keeping of camping equipment and food. Come, take a closer look at us as we take camping in Singapore to a whole new level of experience.